Pakistan Mein Urdu Novel

by Rafaqat Hayat

Publisher: Pakistan Academy of Letters

450 .00 RS

Rafaqat Hayat

About Book

Pakistan Mein Urdu Novel was written for the Pakistan Academy of Letters and is an introduction to 70 Urdu novels written and published in Pakistan over the past 75 years. The book includes 10 page excerpts of each novel and a review of each novel by Rafaqat Hayat. اکادمی ادبیات پاکستان کے لیے پاکستان میں پچھلے پچھتر سال میں لکھے گئےاردو ناولوں سے ایک انتخاب کیا جو یہاں چھپ کر سامنے آچکا ہے۔ اس میں تقریبا ستر ناول شامل ہیں۔ ہر ناول سے دس صفحات لیے اور ناول نگار کا مختصر تعارف اور منتخب ناول کا تجزیہ تحریر کیا۔ پچھلے پچھتر سال میں لکھے گئے ناول پر ایک طویل مضمون بھی شامل ہی

About Author

Rafaqat Hayat was born in 1973,in Mehrabpur, District Noshero Feroz, Sindh. Started writing Short stories in 1991. Published first collection of short stories in 2003 by Asif Farrukhi's Shehrzad Publisher. His debut novel Meerwah ki raatain was published in Aaj magazine in 2016 than Saanjh Publishers, Lahore brought it in book form, in 2017. Working on his second novel these days.