Qarz e Jaan

by Adeel Zaidi

Publisher: Ibarat Publication

500 .00 RS

Adeel Zaidi

About Book

Qarz e Jaan is a book of poems and prose in Urdu by Adeel Zaidi

About Author

Adeel Zaidi was born in a family of writers and poets from Memon Sadaat, Bijnor, India. Adeel’s father, Prof. Akhtar Raza Zaidi was a historian and loved poetry, authored several history books and two poetry books. Adeel migrated to USA in 1977. Educationally and Professionally an Automotive - Industrial Engineer, worked for a publicly traded US company for 12 years and a Privately owned German company for 11 years. Currently, Adeel has been working as a Founder and CEO of BullseyeEngagement – a Human Capital Management software solution provider.