The Forgetting and Remembering of Air

by Sue Hubbard

Publisher: The Little Book Company

360 .00 RS

Sue Hubbard

About Book

In this, her third collection, Sue Hubbard meditates on art and the natural world. By going to the extreme edge of western Ireland, to a Cornish beach, to the rim of the Solway Firth and the mouth of the Thames she explores, in these disarmingly direct and evocative poems, in a language that is muscular and lyrical, painterly yet spare, the illusion of romantic love and the letting go of childhood grief. In the central section, based on paintings by the artist Rachel Howard, she examines the psychology of different women in extremis.

About Author

Sue Hubbard is an art critic, novelist and poet and she has contributed regularly to a wide range of publications including the New Statesman and The Independent, and has also written for The Times and The Guardian. She has contributed to many arts programmes, including Kaleidoscope and Night Waves. In 2006 she was awarded a major Arts Council Literary Award. Twice winner of the London Writers