The Lady of Sohanbela

by Irshad Abdulkadir

Publisher: Lightstone Publishers

10000 .00 RS

Irshad Abdulkadir

About Book

Kamila, is the sole heir to the hereditary seat of a sufi saint located in a riverine area in the rural hinterland of Pakistan. Her outlook and lifestyle are the outcomes of an urban upbringing and westernized academics. The final wish of her long-suffering mother that she observe familial duties by maintaining and upholding the centuries-old family shrine that has a subcontinental following, requires Kamila to marry the leading landowner of the region. The tensions and conflicts inherent in such a situation are the well-springs of the narrative which plays out against European, American, and Pakistani backdrops.

About Author

Irshad Abdul Kadir is a lawyer and English language author who lives in Karachi. He lectures in law and specializes in Common Law studies and the place of reasoning in legal traditions. His articles on different subjects, such as socio-economic issues, governance and politics, appear periodically in newspapers and journals. He is also the author of Clifton Bridge, a collection of short stories and a novel called, The Deriabad Chronicles. Prodigal is his third work of fiction.