by Maniza Naqvi

Publisher: The Little Book Company

400 .00 RS

Maniza Naqvi

About Book

Mehman is the Urdu translation by Syed Kashif Raza for the Memoir written by Maniza Naqvi about her experience with Pioneer Book House in Karachi and the history of Karachi. It is also about her approach for creating meaningful impact and much more. The proceeds of the hardcopy continue to support Pioneer Book House. The price of the eBook will change when during times of fund raising the proceeds will go to various initiatives. Otherwise the proceeds of the eBook will remain with The Little Book Company.

About Author

Maniza Naqvi is a novelist and short story writer. She has five published novels: Mass Transit, On Air, Stay with Me, A Matter of Detail and The Inn. Sarajevo Saturdays is a collection of her short stories and poems. Her new novel completed in 2008, The Inn was published in 2021 by Maktaba e Danyal. She has 30 years of Social Protection and Social Development experience managing the preparation and implementation of Social Safety Nets, Community Development and Job Creation programs. Maniza is the Founder and CEO of The Little Book Company.