Pakistani and North Indian Cooking

by S. Abbas Raza

Publisher: Brix Books

450 .00 RS

S. Abbas Raza

About Book

This is a highly acclaimed comprehensive beginners guide to cooking Pakistani and North Indian food, meant for homesick South Asian students living in the West and also anyone else who wishes to learn to cook this kind of food. The recipes in the book are very simple, precise, and basically foolproof. Contains all the information a beginner needs, from what equipment and spices to buy (and links to where one can buy them online), to which cooking oils to use, to basic cooking techniques and tips. Delicious recipes for meats, seafood, vegetables, daals (lentils), a variety of different kinds of rice, soups, chutneys and other accompaniments, as well as desserts are included. And there are high quality photographs with every single recipe so one knows what the finished dish should look like. It is by far the best book for people who wish to learn to cook Pakistani and North Indian food, even if they have never made a cup of tea before in their lives.

About Author

S. Abbas Raza has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, and a graduate degree in Philosophy from Columbia University. He is the founding editor of the highly acclaimed website 3 Quarks Daily and he lives in a very beautiful small city in the Italian Alps with his wife and cat. And he cooks.