Saints and Charlatans

by Sarim Baig

Publisher: The Little Book Company

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Sarim Baig

About Book

Just Click on Preview and Read the whole book. 'Saints and Charlatans' by Sarim Baig is a collection of interlinked stories set in contemporary Pakistani Punjab. It explores how the increasing intolerance of society compels individuals to become either saints or charlatans, and how it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference. Written in a captivating storytelling style, Saints and Charlatans’ conjures up a cast of memorable, endearing, vividly sketched characters that pull you in, embrace you with their lively, authentic voices, and leave you bereft on the other side of the covers." Goodreads.

About Author

Sarim Baig lives and works in Lahore. Saints and Charlatans is his first book.