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Cash Transfers for Stories

Earn money from your story. We will make cash transfers to anyone in need of earning income and livelihood support who is able to submit a story they have written or recorded on audio or video and can sell it on this platform. We will edit, market and post their stories at The Little Book Company website.

Earn with your Story

We will set a minimal price for our readers to purchase the story to read. Once the total earnings from the story reach Rs.1000 we will make an e-paisa transfer to the storyteller. Each storyteller will be able to monitor the sales and payment transfers to them as a result of their story

Agreement Policies

The author signs an online agreement with The Little Book Company (here) before books are published by us on this platform. The agreement enables the author to receive payments for their book sales through payment transfers from the Little Book Company to the Publisher.

Dedicated Individual Storytellers Portal for Monitoring of Sales and Payments

Authors on our platform have access to their own individual account dashboard which allows them to monitor their book sales and the payment transfers to them from The Little Book Company for their sales earnings.

Payment Modes Available!